2016 Holiday Gift Guide for lindy hoppers

Hi Friends! Shopping for a Lindy Hopper? Look no further! Here are a few ideas, many of which I have personally used or own, that I would recommend! – Katie

1. The Swell Bottle ($25-$50)

untitled-design-1Every dancer needs a water bottle to stay hydrated. They may already have one. But do they have THIS one? May I recommend the Swell Bottle. Why? It doesn’t condensate on my stuff ever, it keeps my water cold (or warm) for a long time (even in my hot car!), and it DOES NOT LEAK! For these reasons, I am a loyal customer for life. It comes in three different sizes and TONS of colors and designs. A very nice gift. Highly recommend.

Get them HERE! 

2. Practice Swing by: Robert White ($32)

untitled-design-2Published this year by Swungover, Practice Swing “gives dancers as many choices as possible to find their own way, including in-depth explorations of skill-building, what makes exceptional dancers exceptional, and the variety of ways dance skills can be honed in studios, groups, or on the social dance floor.” Written by international swing dance champion and instructor Bobby White, this book is a great gift for Lindy Hoppers who are motivated to improve their dancing!

Buy the book HERE!

3. The Theracane ($35)

untitled-design-3I ran into a retired massage therapist at a party once who was sharing stories about caring for dancers and she recommend this product to me! It’s super weird looking, a big cane with knobs all over it, but you guys – it helps! I use this thing to dig into all my tight muscles. It’s especially nice for getting into my shoulders, back and calves. Check this one out – especially the MAX version which separates so you can travel with it! (Warning: avoid knock-offs!)

It’s available on Amazon HERE!

4. Shoe Goo ($5-$10)untitled-design-4

For all of my shoe emergencies, my husband has saved me (and my shoes!) with this glue! We have primarily used it to reattach suede or soles that have come loose. It sets overnight and you can use your shoes in the morning! Handy to have at home or in your travel bag.

You can get it on Amazon HERE or at a variety of department, craft, or hardware stores.

5. Packing Cubes ($15-$50)

As a traveling Lindy Hopper, packing cubes have made packing and organizing for dance events SO much easier! I use these to fit more in my carry-on, keep delicate garments from ripping or wrinkling, and I even organize by outfit sometimes so I cUntitled design (14).pngan focus on dancing and not trying to make an outfit happen. I also use a mesh shoe sized cube for my dance shoes so they don’t get dust on my bag and slide easily in and out. There are a bunch of good brands out there. Just make sure to find a durable one with good zippers! (Dancer things get lots of abuse).

I’ve heard very good things about the brand Eagle Creek HERE.

6. Foot Rubz Massager ($6)

Untitled design (13).pngThis is a must! I keep one of these in my dance bag at all times. Great for rolling out the muscles in sore feet after a long night of dancing. It’s harder and smaller than a tennis ball – so it does a better job of really getting in there (in my opinion).

Available on Discount Dance HERE. Also on Amazon.


7. The Devil’s Music by Naomi and Her Handsome Devils ($13-$15)

Untitled design (12).pngNaomi and Her Handsome Devils just released their second album, The Devil’s Music, in December and it totally swings, ya’ll! My favorite tracks are “Blues with A Beat” and Naomi’s original, “Little Girl Blues.”  Help your Lindy Hopper build their collection and support Naomi and Her Devil’s music growth in the process! Winning for all!

Purchase the album HERE.

8. Bioderma ($7-$17)

After a long night of sweating and smearing my makeup, all I want when I get home is to clean my face quickly and go to sleep. Recently, thanks to some beauty Vloggers, I f
inally found the ultimate make-up remover! It’s a French Untitled design (11).pngskincare brand called BioDerma. I am rarely so impressed by a product, but this stuff is awesome. It tackles waterproof makeup, works quickly, is soothing (doesn’t sting!), is non-drying (great for sensitive skin) AND no-rinse! So if you don’t have access to a sink or wash cloth, with a few cotton rounds you can remove makeup and grime effortlessly. They have a travel size too. A great gift for anyone who wears makeup while dancing. I just ordered my second bottle.

Find it on Beautylish HERE.

9. Liquid Lipstick ($15-$30)

Untitled design (10).pngI was recently introduced to Liquid Lipstick, and I’ll admit – I’m kind of a fan. Matte liquid lipsticks dry and stay put – so there is very little to no transfer (to people or clothing), it’s long lasting (even when you eat or drink something) and with the right color can definitely add that vintage vibe to your ensemble. I own some liquid lipsticks I like by Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kat Von D, and Ofra – though I have also heard good things about the Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint,  Dose of Colors, girlactikSmashbox, and Colourpop Ultra Matte.

10. The perfect work to dance bag ($150-$250)

Looking for a fancy or luxury gift? Consider a work to dance bag that is designed specifically for an athlete with style! There are some smaller companies out theruntitled-design-5e who have made it their mission to design the PERFECT durable bags with features like a special stinky shoe compartment, computer sleeves, mesh pockets, etc. If you have a bigger budget for your gift, considering looking at Aer’s Fitpack, Caraa’s The Dance Bag, or Caraa’s The Liukin to purchase OR for inspiration (depending on your budget).

11. A private lesson with their favorite dance instructor! ($50-$125)

Try and secretly get the name of your Lindy Hopper’s favorite local dance instructor and purchase a surprise private lesson! This is a great gift for any level of dancer (and something they may not splurge on for themselves). If you need recommendations, you can always contact your local swing dance school and ask them who they might recommend.

12. This “Kitchen Dance Floor” kitchen towel – because, truth.Untitled design (6).png

For your Lindy Hopper who also likes cooking – THIS could be the perfect gift! Who doesn’t dance in their kitchen? Check out Etsy.com for other unique dance gifts like this!



13. Lindy Hop Cards Against Humanity ($0 + some paper)

Know a Lindy Hopper who loves games? Consider downloading this Lindy Hop cardsagainst.jpgexpansion of Cards Against Humanity and playing it with them! There are PLENTY of inside jokes to go around. Must love dance lingo out of context…

Find it on Dropbox for free HERE.



14. Unique Playing Cards! ($20)

Untitled design (8).pngSome of our pro dancers and instructors are also jazz historians and artists and have created some unique decks of cards! Jazz dancer and instructor Ann Mony created a neat deck that includes 52 unique jazz steps (one step per card) and instructions for five dance games! Jazz dancer and instructor Mickey Fortanasce used his beautiful artwork to create a deck with portraits of many jazz legends! Both would be fantastic gifts for your Lindy Hopper.

Find the Jazz Step Playing Cards by Ann Mony HERE or the Legends of Swing playing cards by Mickey Fortanasce HERE.

15. Limited Edition Print of Frankie Manning ($20)

Untitled design (9).pngJazz dancer, Ryan Calloway, is a man of many talents and created some beautiful works of art featuring jazz musicians and dancers! Your Lindy Hop dancer might love THIS LIMITED EDITION PRINT of Frankie Manning OR any others featured in Ryan’s Etsy shop!





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    1. Oh nice! I haven’t tried that one. Will have to next time I get a bottle! My skin is super sensitive so it was like a miracle when I found the Bioderma and I didn’t want to try anything else. Thanks for the recommendation! And for reading!


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